Something for ME!!

The last post was a little long winded… But you needed the back story, because accidents can lead toBEAUTIFUL things!!!

I gathered up my supplies and got to work! I needed to mix my paint.. For this hutch bottom, I used Luckets Green by Miss Mustard Seed. This is milk paint and comes in powder form.

I usually use a paper cup or recycled plastic container to mix my paint in. You have to add water and either mix by hand with a stir stick or use a mixer. (I bought a cheap mixer. This is so much easier than mixing by stir stick)

You may notice the color change once added to water!! Fun!
Once I got thru mixing, I began to paint.

I am still learning the ratio of powder/water… I may have needed more powder! Then again, milk paint is Completelydifferent than other paints.
Here is another look once a second coat is added…

I did four coats because the original finish was so dark.

Now I needed to get my scraper and get busy distressing! Just swipe the scraper going with the wood grain


You can see the right side has distressing and left does not.


After I distressed the entire piece, I got my soft wax out. (Maison Blanche clear wax)
See the difference some wax can make? It brings back the color.



I used dark wax next, to give it age….
Once again right side applied left not


The lighting is always a pain to deal with when working inside. Especially to take photos. This is my end project!!! As best as the lighting will allow!


There are shadows everywhere, but you get the idea!!
I am super happy with how it turned out!!! It feels good to be representing inside of our home! I usually never take out my time to paint for myself. This was a treat!!
Thank you for following along!!

My adventures with all colors Green

Last March we had our nephew spend the night to celebrate our son’s birthday. Upon waking, our children offered their cousin, milk, orange juice and possibly more drink options. I was one proud mom to know they were taking such good care of our guest!!! Until I heard them yell, “mom! He’s throwing up!” I ran to the scene only to realize he was on our leather couch and the vomit was running down into the crevices. Once we took care of our sweet nephew, who had been drinking all the beverages given to him… (Note.. Orange juice And milk, not a good combo!!! ) I began working on the mess left in the couch corner. What a mess!!! I cleaned and cleaned for weeks
and the smell would not go away! (I have a sensitive smeller… My hubby swore he couldn’t smell it) bottom line… We needed a new couch! One Saturday our neighbors were having a moving sale. Low and behold they were selling a couch they had bought for their basement but never really used. ( no pet no kid household…SOLD!) I told my hubby to grab it up! He came home with our “new to us” couch. Yay!!!! Now began the fun part…. I got to tear apart our old leather beast that I detested!!! ( I had photos of this…but are lost somewhere between phones! Ha) Yes, my friends, the smell was most definitely evident once you reached the springs! There it sat all dried and smelly!!! Hubby could deny no longer!! Bahahah!! Soooo gross!!!

This leads me into my story of green.

The new couch is a light green color. Never a color I would have chosen..but, I didn’t have much of choice with the budget we are on. This color has set a new tone in my life!!


Since I paint furniture, I always have a bunch of mistint paint on hand. I grab those up from paint stores when I can. I had a gallon of ‘Carolina slate’ from Sherwin Williams. It looks like a blue grey color from the can, but once on the wall it looks like this….

I understood why it would be returned… It looked nothing like it did in the can, but I LOVED it!!! Obviously, I painted my wall, as you can see. I needed to get rid of the brown/plum color that was there before. Out with the dark!! This wall connects kitchen dine -in and living room.
I would consider this color in the green/blue family. This really started to tie everything together. What a great surprise! It was like Christmas morning!! I couldn’t have done this color choosing on my own!
Next came accessories. I needed new curtains and pillows and a throw.

I found these at my favorite store, TJ Maxx!!! Everything was at super good deals too!! BONUS!!
I have a lot of old furniture in my decor. Stands, dressers, ice cream buckets, side boards, hutches and the list goes on!!! I love old stuff!! So much character!!!. I would cry a river if I had to use new or modern furniture in my decor. It just isn’t who I am.

This long story is to set you up for my next project…. It will compliment the “new to us” couch!!

Today I will be working on an old hutch that I bought a couple years after we were married. It’s been a part of our decor for more than a decade. I no longer use the top plate rack. It is down in my store room waiting on me to like it again 😉.


Check out all the detail….




I am ready to give this a major makeover using Miss Mustard Seed’s Luckets Green Milk Paint. It will tie in beautifully with the “new to us couch”! I am off to get started!!!! I will be sure to take lots of photos and walk you through what I did!! Here I go!!!!!
Have a great day!!!

Artsy re-do completion

Okay… Last week I left you at waxing with this old 40’s radio cabinet.
I actually had a few more steps to go… But that is the norm for me! Ha! Always paying attention to detail! I needed to stain the top. Which I did ….


I actually kept some of the original finish along the edges, so I had to find a stain that would match up. I found minwax gel stain in Red Elm. I was very happy with the color match! But, I messed up because I did not take the time out to retape my color blocks. I just repainted the next day once the gel stain had dried. Once I did that I took my sander and distressed the top, stained area and painted. I did not want this to look perfect. I wanted a worn looking top.


Next came waxing!! I used Maison Blanche clear wax first. Then added the dark wax to give it age.


I buffed it out using an old soft t-shirt!! This toned down the colors to give it depth and character.
I had the idea originally to add burlap to the doors, but once I got the old decorative speaker brackets on, I liked it without. So I left it be…

I put all the original hardware on because I Love it!!!!


I still need to buy baskets for the drawers.. This once had radio equipment in it, so the drawer is not functional without a basket.


This is the result!!! I am in love!!! And….. It has already sold!! I sent pics to a friend and she had to have it!!! I call this a win win!!!!




Color blocking!! Going bold!!

I’ve decided to try something fun and new! Color blocking!! I found an inspirational piece on the web and decided to go for my own version!!
I am using a 1940’s radio cabinet ..
Stage one- paint in varying shades of green and a touch of blue

Then comes the distressing… I want it to look pretty beat up and old, like it just came out of a really old farmhouse.


This is as far as we go today. I have a sick child at home, so I am snuggling!I will need to finish the top of the table with color blocks and then will come the waxing process!!😉

My Inspiration

"The 'ole' ice cream bucket"

Love this ice cream bucket. I can’t remeber where I picked it up….but it has become an inspiration in my funiture painting : )

Do What You Love!!!!!

Hello readers!! Welcome to, It’s So Candi! May this be the beginning to a new and fresh reading experience!!

I am very excited to start sharing my adventures in the world of upcycling!!

From auctions, yard sales or resale shop finds….. I bring them home and give them new life! It seems I have always been on a war path to find killer deals on great pieces of furniture. This passion has now turned into a small business venture. Why not? I love the hard work and gratification of turning ‘nothing’ into ‘something’!!

I will be posting pictures of the pieces I have worked on, will be working on and maybe some other things too. All Items are for sale!!! I also have a facebook page that already has an inventory list. http://www.facebook/

Life is good, life is short…do something you love!!!

Peace and Love,